Roblox Condo Games Listed + How to Find Others (2024)

Roblox is popular for its wide array of games that appeal to players of all ages. With this, more players are looking for the most thrilling game, such as horror, shooting, and even mature content.

We understand it’s difficult to unlock because of the current ban. So if you are struggling, we have shared ways how to find Roblox condo games, plus a few options:

13 Best Condo Games

#1: Shedletsky's Dirty Place

The condo game Shedletsky is naughty and not made especially for children below 13, brought about by its mature content.

In the game, children get terrible nightmares every time they enter a house. The effect comes later than expected, but it’s a good place to play if you want Roblox Robux. But as of the moment, Shedletsky’s Dirty Place has been removed from the platform.

#2: Shower Simulator

The Shower Simulator is made for adults, as the participants take a bath together when in the game, and it’s the only reason we don’t want youngsters to play or even know this game exists.

Swimsuits are not allowed for children when they enter the shower, and apart from taking a bath, private and sensual interactions are also made between the players. However, similar to the first game in the list, this specific game on Roblox has also been banned.

#3: Dance Club

If you’re looking for mature Roblox games for you and your friends, then Dance Club is the best fit. It’s not advised for children under 16 because of its explicit content ideas and nasty maneuvers.

Players can expect hot movements amongst other players who are into condos, too, since it’s the nature of this game.

#4: Survive the Killers

This is one of the Roblox games that are perfect for adults looking into interacting with deadly weapons. In this game, a serial murderer is looking for a child to decimate, which is why it’s still not advisable for children. Nor should you allow them to gain access.

Survive the Killers has a lot of violent content and graphics that make it unsuitable for kids.

#5: Obby Games

Obby games will surely hitch children’s attention due to the nature of the challenges. But viewer discretion is advised because It’s spooky due to the unusual, scary toys and creatures that players have to view to complete a choice and move on to the next round.

Each page is tailored with activities that should be finished before users can advance in the game.

#6: Fashion Famous

If you’re up to dressing up, the Fashion Famous is a thumbs-up. In the game, there’s a virtual runway where players are asked to create costumes and have the models run on the catwalk, and then Fashion Famous decides who won the most attractive outfit award.

For inspiration, check out this compilation of the best emo avatar boy outfit ideas on Roblox.

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#7: All-Star Tower Defense

Anime fans will enjoy the star tower defense due to the range of characters from which players can choose a persona. Roblox ASTD dwells on players choosing their persona and then killing enemies who try to attack their towers.

Players can also train the warriors with new abilities to become more skilled during intense warfare.

#8: Haunted Hunters

This is certainly one of the darkest games available in Roblox. The Haunted Hunters feature five players to track a dangerous ghost so they can murder them all together. We advise filling your laser weapons with energy to repel ghosts and prevent them from stealing your soul.

What’s even fun with this Roblox game is that you can switch roles and become the ghost players you compete with.

#9: Royale High

This Roblox game is simple and less complicated than all the other games mentioned above. Dress up in a princess outfit and go to a princess-only school to roleplay as a princess. You wave your magic wand to be at Roblox Royale High.

(Speaking of dressing up, here’s a quick guide on how to see your favorite clothes on Roblox!)

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#10: Amongst Us

Amongst Us is influenced by the multiplayer phenomenon Among Us [1], which has had a great run since 2018.

The Roblox game produced precisely replicated Among Us characters, only showing how versatile and advanced the platform is, to mimic exactly the known characters from the game.

#11: Loomian Legacy

Inspired by the Pokemon formula, Loomian legacy is a Roblox game where players befriend, catch and battle with Loomian creatures to know more about them. It’s a memory trigger for some adults, but the unique set of monsters to hunt is another engaging factor in the game.

#12: Wacky Wizards

The realm of Wacky Wizards is fun and adventurous for adults and children aged 16. It’s a game where players make potions and consume them to get magical abilities. The more powerful you get, the easier it is to complete tasks and take down a certain level of the boss.

#13: Swordburst

If you’re looking for action, Roblox Swordburst is for adults and children. You’ll work for gear, battle, and kill monsters in the game, and there’s a ton of gameplay, making it more enticing.

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What are Condo Games on Roblox?

Condo games on Roblox consist of naked figures, stimulated sex roles, and roleplaying with all other gamers. It usually gets deleted due to its explicit nature and is often referred to as the dark side of Roblox, as you don’t know who you’re interacting with.

How to Find Other Condo Games

  1. Type the keywords’ condo game’ or ‘condo games’ into the search bar of the Roblox website.
  2. Type sent_cons in the same search bar to get more precise results of Condo Games on Roblox.
  3. Another way to find condo games is to join Discord servers. You can find more adult games when you search them on a discord server and play it by clicking the link.


Are kids able to find condo games?

Yes. There are three ways to find these games, one in the Roblox community, the next on youtube, and the last on Discord.

How can I keep my child safe from these games?

Change the privacy and contact settings to make it safer and prevent kids from finding condo games. It’s also best to monitor your child’s account activity to see what games your kids are into and the videos they watch.

Some opt for parent pins to protect their account emails and keep the privacy settings intact.


We hope this article helped you find Roblox condo games. However, we have to inform you that this is purely for information because playing this or any adult content on the platform might result in a permanent ban.

It’s also not meant for children, so we advise strong discretion when playing.

Roblox Condo Games Listed + How to Find Others (2024)


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