Nitter Age Restriction (2024)

1. How to View Age-Restricted Twitter (X) Without an Account? - Hollyland

  • To do so, follow these simple steps to remove the age restriction from your account successfully: ... You can do so by either utilizing Nitter or Google Search to ...

  • Do you want to view age-restricted content on Twitter? You can utilize these simple methods to get quick access to adult content.

2. Topic: Should i create a Twitter account? - e621

3. Twitter hide content warning crap - Feedback - Greasy Fork

  • 8 feb 2022 · Sensitive content warning has since changed to an "Age-restricted Adult Content" notice that requires a log-in to view the tweet. Script ...

  • Makes it so nothing is marked as sensitive.

4. Ask HN: Nitter officially declared "over" today – alternatives?

  • There are 18+ age walls that just force you to login, often in unnecessary places. ... restricted access to the API to only those paying $42k/month. I ...

  • There were often "rate-limited" errors that hadn't completely prevented the site from being usable since the nitter people said the site would go down eventually.

5. Twitter is almost useless now unless you login with an account (that ...

  • Use to view twitter. Just It barely uses javascript (except if you want to watch video), no ads, no popups, no login, ...

  • aosaigh on March 9, 2022 | parent | context | favorite | on: Twitter's new Tor onion service

6. X account restoration – X age requirements - X Help Center

  • X requires people using the service to be 13 or older. If you signed up before you were 13, you can regain access by removing some data.

7. Topic: Twitter blocking adult content to visitors... - e621

  • 26 feb 2022 · You must be over the age of 18 and agree to the terms of service to access this page. By default a limited blacklist has been applied hiding ...

  • Member

8. How to bypass Twitter in 2023? - Lemmy.World

  • In the past I used fritter on Android or [http://nitter ... Nitter used to be my go-to but it had some issues with displaying age-restricted tweets.

  • I avoid Twitter at any cost but sometimes I’d like to read a single tweet or check a certain account. In the past I used fritter on Android or [] in the browser. Both do not work for me anymore. Is there a good way to access twitter without - you know - actually using twitter?

Nitter Age Restriction (2024)


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