Bee Tier List for Roblox Bee Simulator: Complete Guide (2024)

Bee Swarm Simulator is an online multiplayer game developed by Onett for the Roblox platform. It was released in 2018 and has grown in popularity over the years.As the name suggests, the gameplay of Bee Swarm Simulator is based entirely around bees and their hives.

The goal of the game is to collect pollen and hatch eggs to unlock new bees, so you can use them to defeat hostile mobs, and collect even more pollen to grow your hive. The honey you make can then be used to purchase new tools, items, and eggs to expand your hive network.

Beginners may find it difficult to pick the right bees for their swarm, so in this article, we have created a complete tier list of bees in Bee Swarm Simulator, so you can choose the best bees for your swarm. So without further delay, let’s get right into it!

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Tier Lists in Bee Swarm Simulator (Roblox)

Bee Swarm Simulator contains a huge array of bees you can unlock using various eggs. These bees have special abilities along with both passive and active boosts that can help you defeat mobs and collect honey more effectively.

The tier list in this article is based on community feedback, so you can rest easy knowing that the list is as accurate as possible.

S+ Tier List

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The S+ Tier List contains the best of the best. These bees have the best, most handy abilities in the game. They may be slightly harder to obtain due to their rarity but are well worth it. Some may even consider them a little too overpowered but that only adds to their already stellar reputation.

Buoyuant Bee
  • Increased capacity and honey for 1 hour.
  • Gives off the balloon aura and allows you to carry more honey in your backpack.
  • Gives multiple tokens.
  • Boosts honey conversion at your hive.
Fuzzy Bee
  • Passively pollinates the field you are in.
  • Summons a haze to pollinate 30 random flowers every second.
  • Improve flower regrow speeds.
  • Spawns fuzz bombs to destroy bubbles.
Precise Bee
  • Boost every hive color.
  • Boost damage by 33%.
  • Improve critical hits.
  • Consumes flame to convert all pollen into honey.
Windy Bee
  • Consumes haste to summon a tornado that can decimate enemies.
  • The summoned tornado automatically collects tokens on the field it is over.

S Tier List

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The S Tier List consists of all the bees that are really powerful but not as exceptional as the S+ tier. These bees also have super good traits and are rarer than the other bees.

Bear Bee
  • Transforms you into a bear.
  • Increases speed from 18 to 24.
  • Increases jump height from 55 to 65.
  • Provides a 2x pollen boost.
Festive Bee
  • Gives materials to you.
  • Generates random gifts for all players.
  • Instant conversion and 2x pollen boost.
Music Bee
  • Provides 100% critical power for 30 seconds.
  • Increases critical chance.
  • Increases damage and pollen by 100%

A Tier List

Bee Tier List for Roblox Bee Simulator: Complete Guide (3)

The A Tier List includes bees that are relatively less rare but still pretty good at what they do by offering useful traits and strong boosts to your hive.

Vicious Bee
  • Increases mob spawn rate.
  • Summons spike to damage mobs.
  • Outputs a lot of damage to enemies.
Vector Bee
  • Creates a triangle so you can collect tokens at a faster rate.
  • Increases pollen by 50%.
  • Can grant +50% instant conversion.
  • Can grant +100% critical hits.
Tadpole Bee
  • Replensihes nearby flowers when a bubble is popped.
  • Summons a frog that can create bubbles, attack mobs or collect tokens.
  • Gives blue pollen boost.
Spicy Bee
  • Grants bees +1 damage for 35 seconds.
  • Summons ring of fire and 2 fire bees.
  • Can prolong flames and instantly converts a small amount of pollen.

B Tier List

Bee Tier List for Roblox Bee Simulator: Complete Guide (4)

The B Tier List contains somewhat more common bees that have decent abilities and are a good addition to your hive. They are also less rare to come by but are not as good as the tiers above.

Crimson Bee
  • +10% Red conversion.
  • Tokens give Red Pulse.
  • Red Bomb Sync.
Cobalt Bee
  • +10% Blue conversion.
  • Tokens give Blue Pulse.
  • Blue Bomb Sync.
Tabby Bee
  • Increase gather and convert amount by 1%.
  • Gifted Hive bonus of +50% critical power.
  • Highest pollen collection and conversion.
Shy Bee
  • 2x chance of getting nectar from flowers.
  • Contributes 2x growth towards the planter.
  • Red Bomb Token.
Carpenter Bee
  • +25% pollen from tools.
  • Honey Mark+.
Frosty Bee
  • Gives Blue boost token.
  • Blue Bomb Sync.
  • Increases blue bomb pollen by 30%.
Gummy Bee
  • Launches Gumdrps which are useful when doing spirit bear quests.
  • Goo covers 49 flowers for +5% honey per pollen.
Photon Bee
  • Beamstorm can be used to collect double pollen from flowers in its radius.
  • Grants +10% movement speed.

C Tier List

Bee Tier List for Roblox Bee Simulator: Complete Guide (5)

The C Tier List includes bees that offer abilities that are only useful in specific conditions and may not be effective in everyday use. This makes them good at specific tasks but less powerful when seen as a whole.

Bumble Bee
  • Increase capacity by 1%.
  • Blue bombs tokens given.
Ninja Bee
  • +5% bee movement speed.
  • Gives Blue bomb+ and Haste tokens.
Diamond Bee
  • Allows you to get +20% honey.
  • Gifted bonus increases conversion rate by 1.2x.
  • Spawns Honey tokens.
Cool Bee
  • +15% blue pollen.
  • Gives Blue boost tokens.
Rad Bee
  • +15% red pollen.
  • Gives Red boost tokens.
Shocked Bee
  • +25% white pollen.
  • Haste tokens.
  • Token link.
Bomber Bee
  • +15% bomb pollen for every bomb.
  • Gives Buzz bomb tokens.
  • Ideal for any hive.
Commander Bee
  • +3% critical chance.
  • Gives Focus and Buzz bomb tokens.

D Tier Lists

Bee Tier List for Roblox Bee Simulator: Complete Guide (6)

The D Tier List is for the bees who provide no useful normal traits but are only decent when gifted or when used with one colored hive.

Looker Bee
  • +25% critical chance.
  • Gives Focus tokens.
Basic Bee
  • Increases pollen by 1.2x.
Stubborn Bee
  • +20% ability token duration.
  • Gives Pollen Mark tokens.
Honey Bee
  • Gives 1.5x honey from tokens.
  • Gives Hoeny Gift and Honey Mark tokens.
Rage Bee
  • +1 bee attack.
  • Gives Rage and Link tokens.
Bubble Bee
  • May spawn bubbles.
  • +50% bubble pollen.
  • Gives Blue bomb tokens.
Fire Bee
  • May spawn flames.
  • +50% flame pollen.
  • Gives Red bomb+ tokens.
Exhausted Bee
  • +20% White field capacity.
  • Gives Buzz bomb and Link tokens.
Bucko Bee
  • +20% Blue field capacity.
  • Gives Blue boost tokens.
Riley Bee
  • +20% Red field capacity.
  • Gives Red boost tokens.

E Tier List

Bee Tier List for Roblox Bee Simulator: Complete Guide (7)

The E Tier List contains highly situational bees that still offer some decent abilities but only for certain quests or jobs.

Puppy Bee
  • Increases bond with 10 nearby bees.
  • Creates a ball to fetch tokens with.
  • +20% bond from treats.
Baby Bee
  • Increases loot luck by +20%.
  • Cant damage mobs.
  • Collects less pollen than a normal bee.
Lion Bee
  • Does the highest damage in the game.
  • +2 colorless bee attacks.
Hasty Bee
  • Gives you a Haste token for increased speed.
  • Gifted bonus for +20% speed.
Brave Bee
  • +1 bee attack.

F Tier List

Bee Tier List for Roblox Bee Simulator: Complete Guide (8)

The F Tier List contains some bees that offer little to no advantages over the other bees mentioned in this list and are pretty useless in the game.

Rascal Bee
  • Gives Red Bomb tokens.
  • Gifted bonus gives +30% Red bomb pollen.
Demon Bee
  • High damage but slowest movement speed in the game.
  • Gives Red Bomb tokens.
Demo Bee
  • Gives Buzz Bomb+ tokens.
  • Gifted bonus gives +30% Buzz bomb pollen.

Community Favorites

We have further managed to narrow down the list by mentioning some of the community’s favorite bees in Bee Swarm Simulator.

  • Vicious Bee: A fan-favorite bee that increases the spawn rate of hostile mobs and then outputs large amounts of damage to your enemies. This is a good way to farm mobs efficiently.
  • Tabby Bee: This bee can make collecting and converting pollen much easier as it has the highest collection and conversion rate out of any bee. It also increases those rates by 1.1x and has a gifted bonus of +50% critical power.
  • Photon Bee: This bee can be used to fire light beams from the sky that double the pollen collected from flowers and gives players a +10% movement speed boost.


This is all for Bee Swarm Simulator Tier Lists! We hope these lists are able to help improve your decision-making so you can include only the best bees in your hive and save some valuable tickets while doing so.

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Bee Tier List for Roblox Bee Simulator: Complete Guide (2024)


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